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    Saeed Al Mheiri Advocates and Legal Consultants

    Saeed Al Mheiri Advocates and Legal Consultants Law Firm provide specialized legal services to the stakeholders in the maritime and commercial sectors. This law firm is consisting of a group of expert’s best lawyers, maritime professional, consultants to represents ship owner, charters, P&I club, oil& gas company, passengers and seafarers’ rights at sea and on shore under the Admiralty jurisdictions of UAE and represents its clients throughout the UAE and around the world as and when required. 

    The firm is committed to provide its clients with the height levels of quality services within reasonable time and competitive professional fees. Our practice enable us to develop a comprehensive understanding of our clients needs, businesses, and markets and constantly deliver sound and commercially relevant advice from our firm. We focus on relationship, not deals and we are considered as more approachable and accessible then many other firms. We have also reliable network with reputed law firm both in UAE and abroad to ensure our clients receiving the most appropriate legal services whenever they need.

    What We Do

    Our specialized team of lawyers provide  legal support and guidance to businesses dealing with complex regulatory and compliance issues across various jurisdictions including UAE, Bangladesh, and

    Charterparty disputes

    Much of our advice related to charterparties and related agreements. We deal with all aspects of charterpartiy issues, time and voyage charter including off-hire, laytime and demurrage, withdrawal and termination, re-delivery issues, speed and performance claims, unsafe port claims indemnity claims for damage to ship. We draft different types of CP-agreements and individual clauses to insertion in a particular agreement.

    Bills of lading disputes

    We provide effective and commercial advises on bills of lading issues including miss-declaration of cargo, shortage claims, and delivery without presentation of bills of lading. In terms of damage of cargo we advise of heavy lift and project cargos, bulk, liquid and containerized. We also draft bills of lading or particular clause for our client’s benefits.

    Ship sells and purchase disputes

    We act for sellers and buyers on the sell and purchases contract and analyses the risk data and provide advice on financing options for the clients. We also Negotiating sales contract, drafting recap and sales forms, drafting sales documents, arranging and negotiating Escrow contract, closing and delivery of the vessel. We also have experience in leasing documentation, joint venture agreements and ship management agreements.

    Marine Personal Injury:

    We act for ship Management Company, owner, sea farers and individual regarding to disputes arising from injuries and mortalities occurring on board of the vessels and offshore installations.

    Carriage of good by sea and Air:

    We have strong network of experienced aviation lawyers in our office in Dubai and many other major jurisdictions. We advise on full range of aviation issues including lost and damage of goods during air carriage, aviation insurance, as well as non-contentious work including regulations and air cruft leasing and finance, employment.


    If a ship runs a grounded or collides, we will be able to provide legal supports immediately as we have industry experts and ex-mariners working in our office. We also advise on general average issues, salvage claims, palliation and environmental liability wreck removal and scrapping.

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    Absolutely, the field of shipping involves a broad spectrum of legal considerations, commercial operations, logistics, and international regulations. While we can offer insights and general information on various aspects of shipping, including maritime law, logistics, trade, and regulations. It’s essential to consult with experts who have practical, hands-on experience in the shipping industry for specific and commercially sound advice.


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    We are a team of individuals with deep industry knowledge and expertise in shipping and international trade.

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